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Video Post [001] Hiya!

[The face pressed right up close to the screen of the Dreamberry reveals the blank face of a bear.

A blue costumed mascot bear.]

Wow! I didn't know TVs could be so bear-y small! It fits right in my fuzzy paw!

How do I change the channel?
> :)

[Audio Post] [001] Heroic!

The busy city...

[Yes, Teddie has only just arrived in Luceti and he is narrating aloud into the journal he found. He isn't even aware of the fact that the device is recording, he just likes to talk to himself.]

A dark cloud falls across the moon, plunging the landscape into darkness.

The wind becomes still.

A pause.



[He pauses.]

The citizens cry out for a true hero! [DRAMATIC POSE!]

Da da da DA!!

There's nothing to fear, citizens! Your bear-y own Teddie is here!